Company Stories

Our history is filled with Company Stories that demonstrate how going the extra mile has led to customer admiration. Over the last twenty years we have accumulated Company Stories of team members who live our core values through extraordinary customer service.

Buying Out Competitive Contracts

An Optometrist used a competitor and was unhappy with their service. After some discovery, it was learned that the account signed a 3 year lease and still had a 13 month, non-cancelable contractual obligation. The OnHold Experience agreed to service the account for the first 13 months at no charge. After 13 months of servicing the account, the account renewed with The OnHold Experience and has become a long time customer.

Free Test Drives And Month To Month Agreements Shake Up Our Industry
We listened to you and responded! All of our three year, non cancelable agreements with auto renewal clauses were gathered and used to start a bon fire on a Santa Cruz California beach in 2003. Our competitors thought we are crazy but our customers loved it! We call it risk reversal. Free test drives and month to month agreements lead to trust and long term business relationships. There is no other way to do business.

Proactive Account Management

Each year, one of our clients exhibits at their largest and most important trade show of the year. Annually, The OnHold Experience had provided a production that generated excitement and exclusively promoted the trade show each year. Traditionally, the production played during the few weeks leading up to the event and invited the caller to visit the trade show booth. This year, the account had not contacted us. We were concerned and proactively contacted the client and left messages. The account was too busy to get back to us. In order to expedite the production and avoid missing the opportunity to promote it, The OnHold Experience proactively prepared a script by obtaining information from the trade show web site. The OnHold Experience wrote a new script without any customer direction and faxed the script for approval. In less than 40 minutes we received the script approval with a generous "thanks for being proactive" from the account.

200 Location Clients Deserve Face To Face Meetings
When a large multiple location corporation contacted us to let us know they were not receiving great service from their current On Hold vendor, The OnHold Experience responded. Two Southwest airline tickets were booked the next day. Mike Rosslow, President of The OnHold Experience and John D. Waller, Senior Account Manager visited corporate headquarters, listened intently, asked questions, and took detailed notes. Together, expectations were set with the client, and our "Gold Service" commenced. Today, phone calls are returned the same day, emails within minutes, and download reports are delivered in a timely fashion. An annual, in-person business review has not only built a solid business relationship, but kept the On Hold campaign spot on year after year.

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